New Class President Wants to Spark Change


Cleo Kromelow, the current class president.

Cleo Kromelow, a tenth grader, is this year’s Clinton upper grades class president. She is the first ever president of Clinton’s high school.

Kromelow describes her ambitions regarding her presidency, saying,, “I wanted people to
know that I’ve knownClinton for a long time and they should trust me to lead the school because I’ve seen our school change over time, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store next.” She stated that during her time in Clinton’s middle school, she felt, as she said, a very “strong sense of community.” She also hopes that, “we grow into our new building and become one cohesive six through 10, and later one six throughout 12 community.”

Last year, Kromelow competed with two other Clinton students in the class presidential election. She feltlike what made her unique was that, “I’m very involved in school. That’s the beauty of a small school; you can make connections where you never thought you would find them. People also feel they can trust me as a leader because I’ve been here since the sixth grade. I’ve seen Clinton’s ups and downs, and I know our school very well.”

Kromelow claims she decided to run because, “I’ve always considered myself to be a leader, and when I heard we were having elections I was very excited. I knew that I could transform our school and represent the student body in a way that would spark positive change.”

In a message to the many future student body presidents, Kromelow stated, “The student body president needs to be a leader. It’s my job to set an example and to help create the school we want. Being part of a new high school has presented so many challenges. Students here are left to shape the school’s themselves. We don’t have many upper grades traditions, no homecoming for example. It’s up to us to build the school from the ground up.”

Kromelow said one of the best parts of being the student body president is, “getting out and talking to people about what they want our school to be. I love to hear everyone’s amazing ideas because, after all, my job is to represent.”

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