Upper Grades Student Council is in Full Swing


The executive committee at one of their weekly meetings. Left to right: Vivian Ma, Cleo Kromelow, Ms. Schaffzin, Havah Bernstein. (Picture by Maya Rader.)

This year marks the first year of an executive committee in upper grades student council. Last year, the ninth grade student council was largely devoted to creating a foundation for the current government by writing a constitution and figuring out how to run the elections that took place later in the year. Last June, elections were held for positions on the executive committee; the student council president, vice president, two tenth grade class representatives and the secretary.

George Weathers III and Havah Bernstein were elected as the tenth grade representatives. Weathers III said he ran because, “I really wanted to do something for this school because I felt that our school really embraced me, and because of that I have to give back a bit.” Weathers III came to Clinton in ninth grade, and did not attend Clinton middle school. He said because he felt so accepted when he first came to Clinton, one of his goals as class representative is to make sure other students feel just as accepted as he did. He commented, “I’d like to see more students engaged and feel like they’re really part of the school.”

Vivian Ma, the elected vice president, said she hopes to, “make it so that next year’s tenth grade and next year’s ninth grade will be easier to go through and understand.” Ma was a student council club leader in ninth grade. Cleo Kromelow was elected student council president, and Matthew Kennedy was elected secretary.

Tracy Schaffzin, the upper grades college and guidance counselor, is the teacher advisor for student council. She explained that she will let the students lead student council meets because she wants student council to be a reflection of what the students want. She stated, “I’m just psyched for them to take it and make their school theirs.”
This year, the student council is going to be in charge of organizing some community development activities and fundraising for those events. Some prospective activities include field trips, dances or a carnival involving the entire school, in which students can play games together. Schaffzin also remarked, “it could be fun to do something that has a purpose; something outside of ourselves. I think it would be very IB too that we’re thinking about the world, not only our own personal world.” Schaffzin liked the idea of doing something to raise money for charity, like a run to fundraise for cancer research.

The student council just finished planning an upper grades club fair, where students signed up for and learned more about various clubs. Their next project is going to be planning Clinton’s upper grades halloween festivities. The festivities include door wars (groups of students decorate classroom doors and compete with other groups), and a costume contest on Halloween day (a Monday).

The student council is also going to have periodic town halls during lunch on the first Friday of every month. All students are invited to share ideas and raise concerns to the executive committee. The executive committee meets weekly.

An election for two ninth grade class representatives will take place in December.

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