Annual Halloween Festivities at UG Clinton


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On Monday, October 31st, Clinton hosted their annual Halloween festivities.

Clinton also hosted Door Wars, a contest to see who could decorate the best door. Groups of students decorated different teachers’ doors with streamers, balloons, and many other materials. The winners of Door Wars were Thea Ragland and Jasmine Alford, two tenth graders who decorated Ms. Bauman tenth grade Chemistry door. Ragland said she didn’t think they would win, and was very happy when they did because she got candy as a prize. Ragland said that their door was inspired by searching up “Halloween” on Google and seeing a picture of a mummy. They thought it would be the perfect way to decorate Ms. Bauman’s door.

Clinton also hosted a costume contest during lunch in the cafeteria. There were many different costumes that entered, from hams and dinosaurs to group costumes like The Addams Family and the Suicide Squad. After Ms. Goett, Mr. Levin and Ms. Schaffzin had seen all of the contestants’ costumes, they announced the winners. The award for the funniest costume went to a ham, the most creative went to the old man from Up and best group costume was the Suicide Squad. One of the winners of best group costume, George Weathers III in the tenth grade, said, “the Halloween contest was a really fun experience. It was also one that allowed everyone to admire the true creative spirit of our developing high school. If the opportunity arises, I would definitely do it again.” He continued to say, “halloween costumes are about having fun, whether it be with friends, family or even by yourself.”

Zoe Fisher, a tenth grader who also participated in the Suicide Squad costume said, “We all fell in love with Suicide Squad and decided we should be characters in it.” Fisher continued, “It was so much fun, but if I were to change something about the contest for next year, I would suggest they add a first, second and third place to give more people credit for their hard work.”

Fisher confessed, “Honestly, we thought we were going to lose to The Addams Family because they were really adorable. When they said “Suicide Squad” we were so shocked and surprised, but then really happy.” Fisher gave some advice to students struggling to come up with a costume idea: “try to come up with something everyone will recognize or think is funny, and be creative. Use your imagination!”

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