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Dear Dewie: Issue One

Dear Dewie,

I’m in ninth grade, and I want to make some 10th grade friends at Clinton. I’m afraid they won’t welcome me because I’m younger, I don’t know about the classes they take, and I’m not thinking about colleges yet like they are. However, my maturity level doesn’t match up to the kids in my class and I want to hang out with the people more like me, even if I don’t know about the classes they take. However, I’m too shy to say all of that, so I’ve remained with a few ninth grade friends I spend lunch with that don’t bother me that much. I still want to become friends with 10th graders… but how? Please help.



Dear Very-mature-person,

Let me clear some things up: 10th graders aren’t that scary. They’re only a year older than ninth graders, and the maturity gap between most 10th graders and ninth graders isn’t that big. 10th graders do and will always have seniority over ninth graders at Clinton, but that doesn’t mean they’re evil or any different from kids from the other grades. So don’t be afraid to speak to one of them. A good way to make new friends is by speaking with them about something you have in common, like the IB Learner profile or gym class. A little conversation can become a great asset, so don’t be afraid to speak up!

Your Pal,


Dear Dewie,

I’m a ninth grader and a fan of Rainbow Rowell, but no one in my class reads her novels, I think I actually haven’t even asked – I just assume nobody has heard of her. I’m a little shy, and avoided speaking to anyone during the first month of school. However, now that I’m more comfortable talking to others, it’s too late! Everyone has formed cliques and the only thing I’ve formed is a tower of fanart made for each of Rainbow Rowell’s books. It costs a fortune to make those giant fanart cards, but it was so worth it! Oh gosh… See, instead of making friends, I made fanart towers! How am I supposed to make friends if I keep going like this? What do I do?



Dear Rainbow-rowell-and-friendless,

I’m sure there are plenty of people you can interact about novels with; maybe not all people have read or appreciate Rainbow Rowell’s writing, but that shouldn’t stop you from making friends with other kids in your class. Additionally, just because cliques have formed, does not mean you’re shunned from making friends ever again. Many kids at Clinton have known each other for years, but still welcome new kids. Don’t be afraid to make friends with others. Who knows? Maybe if you bring up Rainbow Rowell, others have heard of her.

Your Pal,


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