English State Exams: Spotlight on Sofia Frugiuele (6th Grade) and Ms. Langbein (6th Grade English Teacher)!

Sofia Frugiuele

Q: What do you think about the state test?
A: It is a test, which is annoying. It’s not really even about us, it is mostly about the city seeing how well the teachers are doing. All tests are annoying because when I’m under pressure, it’s hard for me to think. If I have the right amount of time and I’m in a normal classroom, I can actually think, like, “oh wait what did we just do?”

Q: What do you do to get ready for the state test?
A: I usually don’t study too hard because the teachers are teaching right up to the test, so I’ll study every now and then for it.

Q: Is there anything you’d change about the state test?
A: I’d say it is pretty reasonable because they did change the time limits, so no, nothing really

Ms. Langbein

Q: What do you think about the state test?
A: Well, I tend to think that the state test is an annoyance; something that interrupts instruction. But generally speaking, I think because kids at Clinton do so well, that it really doesn’t go beyond something that’s an inconvenience for us. would not have it be over three days. I think that’s too much, and it’s ridiculous, and one day is enough.

Q: What do you think students should do to get ready for the state test?
A: I think students should trust in the education they have received. Maybe go over in their head strategies they’ve learned in their classes — math, ELA, and even social studies and science. They should be calm, and have confidence in their abilities because generally speaking, as I said, our students do really well.

Q: Do the tests really affect the students?
A: Yes and no. Because in New York City, a lot of middle and high school admissions are based on test scores, I think they can impact where a student goes for school. But on the other hand, I think there are certain qualities that are more important than a test score, like the effort you put into your classes, your grades, and your personality. And, ultimately, it’s just one test, and one test does not make or break what happens with the rest of your life.

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