Upper Grades Students Danced the Night Away At Annual Dance

The first upper grades dance of the season was the theme “masquerade/under the stars.” On Friday, March 31st, soaking wet students made their way out of the pouring rain to get their tickets and masks and make their way into the gym. To prepare, a group of students on the dance committee decorated masks to give out at the door and hung festive lights and streamers in the downstairs gym. The gym was transformed into a dimly lit dance floor complete with an expansive snack table, photo booth, black and white balloons filled with LED lights, and a designated section near the stage for chilling. The only things missing were a DJ, a light fuse, and a working photo printer.

Many Clintonians have beentalking about how the closest thing to a DJ at the dance was a laptop logged into Spotify and hooked up to an amplifier. During an insightful interview with Ms. Schaffzin, she explains that “the DJ was packing up hisequipment, literally just about to leave to get to our school when he got a call.” Apparently, he had just found out that his mother had passed away. Obviously, this is an acceptable excuse, but nonetheless, extremely bad timing.

The overhead lights abruptly went out a few times, prompting a man with a large orange ladder to climb up and attempt to solve the problem. The teachers present at the dance were just as bewildered as the students. Maybe the unsteady power had something to do with the stormy weather?

Ms. Schaffzin exclaimed, “Everything that could have possibly gone wrong, went wrong!”

In addition, the dance was not as big of a turnout, and not as enthusiastic a turnout, as some hoped. When interviewing a ninth grade student on the manner, she explained that “my favorite part was hanging out with my friends and dancing, but others were not dancing that much… it was rather slow.” Students mostly fled to the corners, swaying slightly to the music in tight groups, until a song that required people to dance such Cupid Shuffle,” “Cotton Eye Joe,” or “Macarena.” Plus, the student commented, “the songs as the we tried to request never got played,” making it even harder to encourage people to jump into the dance floor.

In the beginning of the dance, a couple of students were manning the computer and taking song requests, but by the end, the computer was open for students to type in and play whatever they wanted.

On the other hand, the photo booth was a big hit. Set up close to the door, a white background was taped onto the wall, and black and white balloons were scattered on the floor to be used as props. Over 140 photos were taken that night. Yet again, something went wrong. The printer broke down about halfway through the dance, so most students were not able to take physical copies of their pictures home. Ms. Schaffzin had to email them out to everyone on Thursday, April 6th.

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