Winning Isn’t Everything: MS JV Girls’ Basketball Season Ends

After every season, basketball players reflect on their accomplishment and struggles. This includes Clinton’s JV girls’ team. After a painful loss in the first playoff game against The Computer School, their season came to a disappointing end.

The team started off the season against Wagner Middle School. It didn’t end in their favor with a 32-4 loss. Even after this loss. The JV girls team didn’t give up. After one practice they learned about press, foul shots, and other skills to help them get their season back on track. After three losing games, the JV girls finally won in an overtime game against Yorkville East Middle School, 13-12. It was a great win, and inspired them to work harder towards the games ahead. After unexpectedly making the playoffs, they encountered The Computer School. Clinton was down by four points going into halftime. They had high hopes of tying the game, but fell short and ending up losing  24-13.

Sixth grader Olivia Leone, shooting guard for the JV basketball team, reflected after the season, “Everyone worked well together, and we had really good team effort.” Leone continued with the critique, “When we are playing, we should try to shoot more.”

Leone also talked about what she learned as a basketball player. “I learned that you can’t do it alone; you need a team.”

Aggie Kromelow, another JV shooting guard, expressed, “We really came together as a team, especially with new sixth graders.” Even though this season ended quickly, Kromelow is already preparing herself for next year. She said she wants, “to give it my all… and have fun with it.” Kromelow explained, “When you’re at a JV level, it’s about learning the game and having fun with it.”

The JV coach, Carlos De Jesus, said the team could improve on, “Moving through space with their eyes up.” However, he acknowledged, “They picked up defense really fast.”

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