Women’s Month and the Feminism Club


Clinton’s feminism club dove into Women’s Month this March. The new club, organized by ninth grader Julia Turano, hosted an open mic during lunch in late March to get students to share poetry and stories by and for women.

William Rozario, a student in 10B, commented, “It was nice and also empowering to hear all of these positive things about women.”

A majority of the speakers were members of the feminism club. However, anyone was welcomed to speak.

In addition to the open mic, the club also posted a bulletin board on the third floor with quotes from popular feminists alongside their portraits. The board is still up, decorating the hallway with empowering feminists and their words.

When asked why it is necessary to dedicate a month to women’s rights, Rozario commented, “It’s useful for bringing more awareness to the problems women still face, to reflect on feminism, all the achievements that women have accomplished, and reflect on all of the issues women have solved.”

Turano explained that there is a slightly different situation at Clinton than other schools, since Clinton is mostly female students. “People forget that feminism should be about boys and men too, because it’s important not only that they get involved in women’s issues, but also because there are things that negatively affect men like masculinity standards.”

Rozario added that the ratio “certainly doesn’t make [feminism] less necessary because female empowerment is always important. Regardless of the ratio of female to male, there’s always going to be a need for equality.”

While Women’s Month was celebrated as a school community, Rozario mentioned that International Women’s Day, or “A Day Without a Women” went unnoticed. “I did wear red in solidarity, but not that many people came dressed in red,” he said.

In the future, the feminism club will continue organizing projects to promote awareness for women’s rights. Turano shared, “We’re talking about having a fashion show centered around women’s empowerment. We’re still talking about how we’re gonna do it around our goal and how we can involve anyone. We want it to be inclusive for everyone.”

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