Do You Know What You’ll Do This Summer?

Fresh new leaves are budding on the trees, and winter coats are once again being buried in the backs of closets. Spring is rolling around, to be followed by summer. Students are currently starting to figure out what they are doing this summer, and are in the heat of applying to summer programs and internships.

Francesco Leone, a Clinton tenth grader, said he has already applied to several summer programs and jobs. Their mediums range from agriculture to criminal investigations. Leone said, “Honestly, they were easy to find and some of them actually pay me.” Leone added that in the ones that are unpaid, he is, “paid in knowledge.”

Ms. Tracy Schaffzin, guidance and college counselor, emails internship and program applications to students as she finds them. When asked when students should start applying to summer programs, Ms. Schaffzin laughed and said, “Yesterday.” She continued, “Now is the time. Any time January on, but you should start looking now.”

Dani Rutkowska has very different summer plans. “I love visiting my family in Poland and just traveling around those areas.” However, Rutkowska will only be overseas for one month, so she is considering a science-related summer program/internship for the remainder of summer break.

Rutkowska commented that internships, “Get you prepared for later on, when you have to actually go to work. It gets you into the habit of doing something every day, consistently.”

My College Guide, an informational website about applying to colleges, says that internships are one way to get in the admissions’ good books.

If you wait until the summer to apply for internships/programs, it will be too late. Most applications close long before summer begins. Instead of waiting until the last minute, by checking for email updates from Ms. Schaffzin or perusing the internet, you can find an internship that suits you and will keep you productive over this summer break.

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