When The Connection Snaps Between Class and Career

Finding motivation in classes you’re not particularly passionate about can be very challenging for some students and therefore, it can be hard to keep up with the workload that comes with it. It’s never easy for a student to complete work for a class that they’re not passionate about. Some students have a clear path for their future careers, but unfortunately, don’t get to do the subjects that could help them achieve these future goals.

When asked if she knew what career she would want to pursue, Isabel Humphrey replied, “Yes! I’m thinking of graphic design but my dream is to be a songwriter.” Like many students, Humphrey has a very artistic goal for her future, but with the right practice, it can be equally achievable.

Later, when asked if she ever loses motivation in her classes, Humphrey claimed, “There is no motivation to put effort or interest into the subject in the first place, because while things like music and writing are most important to me, math equations are indifferent. It’s hard to put effort into a challenging subject when I don’t see that I’m good at it or will ever need it.”

Humphrey continued, “It’s not fair that in order to do what we are truly meant to do we are forced to master things that some of us weren’t. Everyone has different strengths, and our school curriculum ignores that by giving everyone the same requirements assuming that we are all the same. But we’re not.”

Determination, passion, and drive are all needed for a student to succeed in all of their classes. Without it, the subjects become boring; just another bullet point on their list of things to do. When asked what they would say to a student who already has a career goal, Ms. Hamlani, Living Environment teacher, said, “If you have a career goal already, I think that’s amazing. The earlier it is you know what you want to do, the easier it will be when applying to college because you’ll already have an idea of what you’re looking for.”

Hamlani continued, “When students say they don’t care about certain subjects because it doesn’t matter, it does. Either you’re going to have to retake it in college anyway, so you might as well know what it’s all about now, or if you do well enough on the IB level of that course, you can wave yourself out of the introductory class which can save you some time.”

To put it simply, motivation is something many students are lacking. However, it is needed in order for them so sufficiently pass their classes. The struggle most students are dealing with at the moment can’t be solved in the snap of a finger, but with time, this issue can be resolved.

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