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How To Be Alone On Valentine’s Day

We all know the feeling. February rolls along, and grocery stores start filling up with hearts, teddy bears and chocolates. Everywhere you turn, there are little reminders that you’re a loner. You might not be spending Valentine’s Day getting all snuggly with 

someone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it just as much anyone else! So get out of your pit of self despair and follow these tips to have a great V-Day this year!

  1. Food

Yep. The obvious way to get over feeling lonely is to fill up your empty heart with delicious treats. Cookies, pizza, Nutella, chocolate, ice cream and french fries are all a great start, but pretty much any junk food will work. Don’t count calories, just enjoy the holiday!

  1. Spend time with family!

The day of love doesn’t have to be about the kind of love you don’t have. Instead, take time to share the love with your family! You can make a card for everyone in your family, and try to spend time with them out of your room/off your phone.

  1. Watch a movie.

No junk food binge is complete without a movie. There is plenty of stuff to watch during V-Day. Of course, romance is the most appropriate genre (so you can substitute their love for your lack thereof). From Titanic to The Proposal, the possibilities are endless.

  1. Spend time with friends!

You’re bound to have a friend in the same position as you who would be more than willing to accompany you to a movie or share a tub of cookie dough with you!

  1. Listen to music.

There are plenty of sad (or uplifting) love songs you can put on repeat on Valentine’s Day! From Taylor Swift to Justin Bieber, basically all artists have their share of music that will definitely fit your V-Day mood.

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