Student Council Results Announced

On Tuesday, the widely anticipated results for Clinton’s student council were announced. Now the new board is tasked with determining the path for the future of Clinton as a school.

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ELECTIONS | Left to right: President Ralph Makombo, Vice President Karen Tineo, Secretary Tobias Bremer. Picture by Julia Turano // Clinton Post staff

The winners for president, vice president, and secretary were 11th grader Ralph Makombo (president), 10th grader Karen Tineo (vice president), and 10th grader Tobias Bremer (secretary). Two representatives were also elected for each grade: Bobbi Kurens and Zac Heidenry (ninth); Veronica Habacker and Aniello Bianco (10th); and Genesis Fermin and George Weathers III (11th).

“I’m curious to see how it goes,” stated Cleo Kromelow, former president of student council. She continued, “I want to see what the freshmen class will bring, and now that we have juniors, what can we can also contribute to the conversation.”

The new board has agreed that above all else, student outreach will be one of their main goals.

Vice President Karen Tineo stated, “One of my goals is to represent the student body as much as I can, and I want to make sure that everybody’s voices are heard,” She explained, “I know that there are some problems that are kind of shut out, and I want to bring attention to that.”

President Ralph Makombo also expressed how he wanted to strive towards student representation. He said, “We should be able to voice our problems with the school, because every voice matters.”

The new board has also been focused on the upcoming March 14 walkout.

“It’s such a large thing,” 10 grade representative, Aniello Bianco commented that he wants to support “The students that are not only in support of gun restrictions, but also make it a safe environment for those who don’t want to [do the walk-out].”

President Makombo also had a few ideas of his own that he hopes to put in action. He said, “I hope to accomplish, mainly, forming a tutoring center,” he said, “It would be a place where students sign up if they are struggling with school.” Makombo is also hoping to push for alternative social events, such as the International Food Festival, which the council is hoping to hold on March 26th.

The transition of power in a school can be difficult. However, as Kromelow said, “It seems drastic to change out the executive board, but we really still have that same body of students.” Everyone will still have a say in the student council town halls held every month.

During Kromelow’s time in office, the student council set many precedents, including regular town halls, election protocol, and decision-making convention.

As the new board takes office, many students wish for change. Some want vending machines in the cafeteria (which are scheduled to be implemented March 12), others are wishing for changes in student morale or staff outreach to students.


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