Girls Basketball Team 2018 Season


The girls basketball team, which was started this year, has had enormous success, but without as much school participation and pride as hoped.

Mr. Andrews, a middle school teacher, has coach the girls through the successes of the season. The majority of students on the team are freshman who were on the winning team for the middle school championship last year.

Last year, there was no girls basketball team. Mr. Andrews decided to start the team and take that on. He said, “Basketball is a passion of mine, and I’m really excited teach sport this year for the first time as a coach.”

Jasmin Tanner, a 10th grader on the basketball team, feels the team this year is a success not only in terms of wins, but the support the team is shown through her schoolwork.

So far the team has won seven games and only lost one. However, not many Clinton students are aware of how successful the team has been. An anonymous 10th grader stated that they were under the impression that “Clinton always loses” at sports.

The players on the team want this lack of school pride to change. Tanner claimed, “We don’t get enough credit or attention. We are part of Clinton and we see barely any support from other peers.” Since many people don’t realize the success of the girls basketball team, or even that there is one, Tanner said the team sometimes feels let down by the students at the school.

Mr. Andrews said one challenge of coaching the team is that he is a middle school teacher, not a high school teacher. He explained that this means he doesn’t know what the “word on the street” is among the high schoolers about the basketball team. However, in recent games both Tanner and Mr. Andrews have seen an increase in the amount people coming to each game.

Mr. Andrews wants to make it clear that watching girls girls basketball game is no different than watching the boys basketball game; watching the competition, the wins, and the losses, are equally captivating.

The girls have been working hard all year on the team, getting to school at 7:00 a.m. some days for practice and staying late for games.

The team is just getting started. Mr. Andrews thinks as everyone gets older, the team will be able to play basketball at a higher level and practice a lot more.

The final girls basketball game was on Thursday, March 1st.

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