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Grace Milner

When The Connection Snaps Between Class and Career

Finding motivation in classes you’re not particularly passionate about can be very challenging for some students and therefore, it can be hard to keep up with the workload that comes with it. It’s never easy for a student to complete work for a class that they’re not passionate about. Some students have a clear path for their future careers, but unfortunately, don’t get to  Continue reading “When The Connection Snaps Between Class and Career”

Annual Halloween Festivities at UG Clinton


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On Monday, October 31st, Clinton hosted their annual Halloween festivities.

Clinton also hosted Door Wars, a contest to see who could decorate the best door. Groups of students decorated different teachers’ doors with streamers, balloons, and many other materials. The winners of Door Wars were Thea Ragland and Jasmine Alford, two tenth graders who decorated Ms. Bauman tenth grade Chemistry door. Ragland said she didn’t Continue reading “Annual Halloween Festivities at UG Clinton”