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Havah Bernstein

Editor in chief of the Clinton Post: Clinton High School printed and posted.

Column: Fostering A Positive Body Image

By: Havah Bernstein

During gym class, I walked out of the girls’ locker room with a friend who started insulting her body and commenting on how she looked in her outfit. Then, later that period, I listened closely while all of the girls changed out of their gym uniforms and into their regular outfits, and I noticed the negative comments filling the air: “I gained so much weight!” “I need to get fit!” Continue reading “Column: Fostering A Positive Body Image”

Women’s Month and the Feminism Club


Clinton’s feminism club dove into Women’s Month this March. The new club, organized by ninth grader Julia Turano, hosted an open mic during lunch in late March to get students to share poetry and stories by and for women.

William Rozario, a student in 10B, commented, “It was nice and also empowering to hear all of these positive things about women.”

A majority of the speakers were members of the feminism club. However, anyone was welcomed to speak.

In addition to the open mic, the club also Continue reading “Women’s Month and the Feminism Club”

Clinton Students Attend Islanders Hockey Game

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On Thursday, December 16, some Clinton students and their families attended a hockey game at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, the home of the New York Islanders. Organized by Mr. Levin, the event intended to bring Clinton families together in an environment outside of school.

The New York Islanders played a close game against the Chicago Blackhawks. Both teams fought hard until the final seconds of the 3rd period when the Islanders pulled their goalie, Jaroslav Halak, for a chance at one final scoring opportunity. The Blackhawks played strong defense in the game’s closing seconds and won with a score of 5-4, pushing the Islanders into a 4 game losing streak.

Roughly 20 students came to the game. Principal Levin and Carlos De Jesus, a Clinton faculty member, chaperoned the event. The final buzzer sounded signaling the end of the game at around 9:30pm.

Continue reading “Clinton Students Attend Islanders Hockey Game”