Annual Halloween Festivities at UG Clinton


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On Monday, October 31st, Clinton hosted their annual Halloween festivities.

Clinton also hosted Door Wars, a contest to see who could decorate the best door. Groups of students decorated different teachers’ doors with streamers, balloons, and many other materials. The winners of Door Wars were Thea Ragland and Jasmine Alford, two tenth graders who decorated Ms. Bauman tenth grade Chemistry door. Ragland said she didn’t Continue reading “Annual Halloween Festivities at UG Clinton”

Dear Dewie: Issue One

Dear Dewie,

I’m in ninth grade, and I want to make some 10th grade friends at Clinton. I’m afraid they won’t welcome me because I’m younger, I don’t know about the classes they take, and I’m not thinking about colleges yet like they are. However, my maturity level doesn’t match up to the kids in my class and I want to hang out with the people more like me, even if I don’t Continue reading “Dear Dewie: Issue One”

Upper Grades Student Council is in Full Swing


The executive committee at one of their weekly meetings. Left to right: Vivian Ma, Cleo Kromelow, Ms. Schaffzin, Havah Bernstein. (Picture by Maya Rader.)

This year marks the first year of an executive committee in upper grades student council. Last year, the ninth grade student council was largely devoted to creating a foundation for the current government by writing a constitution and figuring out how to run the elections that took place later in the year. Last June, elections were held for positions on the executive committee; the student council president, vice president, two tenth grade class representatives and the secretary.

George Weathers III and Havah Bernstein were Continue reading “Upper Grades Student Council is in Full Swing”

New Class President Wants to Spark Change


Cleo Kromelow, the current class president.

Cleo Kromelow, a tenth grader, is this year’s Clinton upper grades class president. She is the first ever president of Clinton’s high school.

Kromelow describes her ambitions regarding her presidency, saying,, “I wanted people to
know that I’ve knownClinton for a long time and they should trust me to lead the school because I’ve seen our school change over time, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store next.” She stated that during her time in Clinton’s middle school, she felt, as she said, a very “strong sense of community.” She also hopes that, “we grow into our new building and become one cohesive six through 10, and later one six throughout 12 community.”

Last year, Kromelow competed with two other Clinton students in the class presidential election. She felt Continue reading “New Class President Wants to Spark Change”