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Celebrate Women’s Month With These Empowering Female Musicians

As a girl who adores music, important and influential female artists have always been a huge part of my life. And I’m not alone. Throughout the years, women have made countless contributions to music as writers, artists, and producers, and today are seen as a as vital part of that industry. On a personal level, female artists have helped inspire me. Their songs encourage me to be the person  I want to be, and empower me to do and say what I feel regardless of societal norms. In honor of National Women’s History Month this past March, here are some of the female artists who have meant the most to me. Continue reading “Celebrate Women’s Month With These Empowering Female Musicians”

Women’s Month and the Feminism Club


Clinton’s feminism club dove into Women’s Month this March. The new club, organized by ninth grader Julia Turano, hosted an open mic during lunch in late March to get students to share poetry and stories by and for women.

William Rozario, a student in 10B, commented, “It was nice and also empowering to hear all of these positive things about women.”

A majority of the speakers were members of the feminism club. However, anyone was welcomed to speak.

In addition to the open mic, the club also Continue reading “Women’s Month and the Feminism Club”